I'm gonna use this page as a staging area for the research I'm doing for designing the i910's CDMA/GPS driver, which is based around the MSM6800a chipset. The chipset has its own firmware (you may know it as phone.bin when you flash WM rom updates) and runs its own software independently of any OS it's running.

Basic overview of CDMA technology

MSM6800 Chipset Spec Sheet

Devices that use this/similar chips:
Samsung i910 (MSM6800a)
- Notes:
Implemented in WM at [dll unknown…]

Palm Pre (MSM6801a)
- Notes:
Kernel (with MSM6801a support) available at http://git.webos-internals.org/?p=kernels/palm.git;a=summary

Sierra USB Modem (Unknown)
- Notes:
Supported in mainline kernel, seems to use on-device firmware to communicate… the linux driver seems to just be an interface…